How to make Fringe for a Pillow

HomeBnc always has an excellent source for getting ideas and tips to decorate houses. They have an ocean of ideas through which you can do a lot better than others when it comes to decoration.

Decorating our house and the things which we use in our house daily is essential. It not only enhances the beauty of our house but also helps to be neat and clean.

In this article, with the help of HomeBnc, we have come up with some gorgeous and comfortable with making fringes for your pillows. Whether it is your bedroom pillow or a cushion of your sofa, you can use these fringes to decorate them and flaunt their look all over your place. So, let us get started.

Fringes and its Kinds

Fringe is anything that got stitches at the edge of your pillows and, most of the time, point outwards. Some fringes do not point outwards. Rather they are just a thick fold of fabric stitched at the corners giving your edges around look.

We will be focusing more on protruding fringes as they are more common and fashionable than the rounded ones.

If you want to categories the fringes, then it is not an easy task. You cannot just tell anybody about the types of fringes. But, based on its making, we will divide it into two categories. The first is self-made, and the second one is bought.

We will give you the examples from both kinds and they are quite beautiful and if you can make it on your own, you can do it as well. Remember, the things you make are far more durable and better than the things you buy.

How you Can make Fringes by Yourself

Making fringes may take up some of your time, so be ready to invest your time if you want to make it on your own. Otherwise, buying fringes from the market can save a lot of your time, but it has its flaws as you can’t get what you want, and then you have to settle with the available one.

Depending on the kinds of fabric, different fringes of different density can be made. Woolen fabrics generally give you a low-density fringe protruding, and then comes the jute fabric, which is a bit denser than woolen ones. Cotton fabric is something that gives the densest fringes.

Now, how you make fringes from fabrics? It is simple; all you are going to need is a needle and clippers. Get the fabric of your choice, get the measurements of your pillow, and then accordingly cut the fabric into two same-sized sheets.

Now, you will have two fabric sheets with eight edges. Take one edge and then use a needle or clipper if required to take the threads out of the mesh. You will see that fabric is made up of threads stacked horizontally and vertically, creating a mesh-like structure.

After removing the horizontal lines, you will be left with the vertically arranged threads, which will is the required fringe for you.

Repeat the same procedure with other remaining edges, and once done, you can stitch the two fabrics together to give it a bag-like structure. Place the pillow inside of it and then stitch the opening and voila! You have created a fringe for your pillow by yourself.

Remember, when you stitch the fabric sheets together, stitch it from below the fringes so that no more threads could come out and ruin your fringes.

Be Creative with Design and Colour

There are no strict rules when it comes to color schemes and designs. Therefore, go artistic with your fringes and your fabric’s color you will choose for your pillow. You can also give a lot of designs to your fringes by just putting a few efforts.

For example, once you have a protruding fringe done, you can either shape them like braids. You can collect some part of the fringe and tie them together to make a bunch of fringes running along your edges.

You can also create your design, as this is not something that normal people cannot do. You may go wrong in your first attempt, but this does not mean you have to stop. Use your creativity, learn from the mistakes, and try to do it again.

There is no hard and fast rule that fringes are only created for the edges. You can also add them in front of your pillows and at the back. You can also create patterns with them on your pillows. Creating a fringe is not so hard if done carefully, but it becomes quite challenging when it comes to stitching.

So, be patient when making fringes, especially when stitching them. Love what you have created and never hesitate to experiment. You can also buy fringes from the market as well. This does not mean that they cannot be changed or altered. You can also use them by changing them according to your need.…