How to make a pillow from a sweater

Every year as winter comes, we start discarding the old sweaters, mufflers, caps, etc. Have you ever thought of recycling those? Today, we could discuss the same. I am pretty sure you would surely try out and find it of great use to use your old sweaters and other stuff to give them a new look.

The first thing to be done in sorting out the sweaters which were to be worn this winter and which were to be discarded, as they either lost their beauty or were out of fashion. Now, the most critical part of the job has been done. Let us go to the next step.

Today we would discuss how to make a pillow cover from a sweater.

The next thing to be done is to place the things that are required to get the sweater turned into a beautiful pillow cover.

  • Old or discarded sweater
  • Sewing machine
  • Some old/ bright piece of cloth for piping
  • Pillow, which is to be inserted into the cover.
  • Some pins.
  • Threads of different colors.
  • Scissors

Now, when we are all set with the things required, let us begin to sew a pillow from a sweater step by step.

  1. Cut the sweater into the size of your pillow. Always remember you need some extra inches, so before you start cutting, keep some extra inches and then start working with your scissors. You can even mark with the help of a pencil or chalk. Use a ruler to keep the lines straight or a measuring tape.
  2. Now, cut the fabric to be used for pippin into small strips. Make sure these, too, should have some extra inches. Here to do not forget to use a ruler or measuring tape to maintain a straight line.
  3. Place the sweater inside out and place the pillow on top to mark the sewing area. Do keep some extra inches from stitching. Once you have marked the area to be sewed, place the pippin cloth on top of one of the pieces of the sweater and sew it from all the four sides.
  4. Here we are assuming the pillow cover to be a square shape. You can make the cover in any of the shapes of your choice.
  5. When the pippin cloth has been sewed, you can place the other half of the sweater on top, keeping the inside out and sew the entire piece from three sides.
  6. We need to sew from three sides and keep one side open as we need to insert the pillow from the open end.
  7. Now it is time to correct the inside out cover and then put the pillow inside the cover.
  8. Now we need to sew the open side of the pillow cover.

Your sweater pillow cover is ready for use. You can decorate the front side by adding some designer buttons or some direct buttons, as they add to the beauty of the pillow cover. You can even put some initials of the name of your loved ones.

There you have turned your old worn-out sweater into a lovely pillow cover, which would add charm to your living room.

Since we have used mostly the things which were either was to be thrown away or kept deep down your cupboards, so we not only saved money from buying a pillow cover but also recycled the old piece of cloth/sweater and reused it.

The sweater which was kept away for so long is again back to life, and that was with a touch of your love. If you want some more recycling ideas, you can also visit HomeBnc (

I hope that you find this idea of converting a sweater into a pillow cover attractive and would surely try your hands out to make a beautiful pillow cover from a sweater for your living room and enjoy your sewing experience.

We also hope that this article has been of the utmost help to you in your journey of making a pillow from your sweater.…